🧠How to get started with Obsibrain?

Getting Started with Obsibrain

Let's dive in and explore how to get started with this comprehensive productivity template.

Note: Configuring Obsibrain the Way You Want

While the Obsibrain template is designed to be a comprehensive productivity solution, we understand that everyone has unique preferences and workflows.

If you need to tweak or customize any aspect of the template, you can easily do so by navigating to the settings.

To access the Obsibrain settings, simply go to Settings > Obsibrain.

Here, you'll find various options to personalize the template, such as adjusting the base folder structure or configuring other preferences to align with your needs. Feel free to explore these settings and make Obsibrain your own.

When you first open the Obsibrain vault, you'll be greeted with a clean and organized interface. The left-hand sidebar displays the core folders that use the P.A.R.A Folder Structure:

  1. 0-plan: This is your central planning area, where you can map out your long-terms goals and have access to periodic reviews to journal and keep track of what's happening in your life.

  2. 1-projects: Here, you'll manage your active projects and your attached tasks.

  3. 2-areas: This section is for organizing your various areas of responsibility and focus.

  4. 3-resources: This section is for topics or themes of ongoing interest.

  5. 4-archives: Use this section to archive completed projects and other unused notes.

  6. 5-notes: This is your general note-taking area, where all your ideas and thoughts are stored.

  7. assets: The assets folder contains all your uploaded images + the scripts and templates folders.

    1. scripts: This folder houses the custom scripts and automations that power various Obsibrain features.

    2. templates: Here, you'll find pre-built templates for things like goal setting, periodic reviews, and other productivity workflows.

Take some time to explore these different sections and familiarize yourself with the overall structure of the Obsibrain vault.

Accessing the help center

If you are feeling lost in Obsibrain and need support, either from the documentation, the community, or the team, you can press the bottom right Obsibrain icon as shown in Screen 1, and it will open the support help center (Screen 2).

Obsibrain's Default Interface Shortcuts

Getting Started with Daily Planning

One of the core features of Obsibrain is the ability to conduct regular periodic reviews including the daily planning to plan out your day. To access the daily planning, simply click the calendar icon in the top right, as shown in Screen 3.

This will open your daily planning page, where you can reflect on your progress, update your tasks, and plan for the day ahead.

Updating Obsibrain

Obsibrain is designed to be a living, evolving system. To ensure you always have the latest features and improvements, we recommend using the BRAT plugin to check for updates, as shown in Screen 4.

Exploring Obsibrain's Features

To learn more about the various features and capabilities of Obsibrain, such as task management, goal tracking, and the P.A.R.A. organizational system, please refer to the Features section of the documentation.

If you're new to Obsidian, we also recommend reviewing the Obsidian Beginner's Guide to familiarize yourself with the core Obsidian concepts and functionality.

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