Actions Oriented

The template is designed to seamlessly align your daily actions, projects, and areas of focus to ensure steady progress towards your desired outcomes.

Defining Your Goals

When you first set up Obsibrain, one of the key initial steps is to define your overarching goals. These high-level objectives serve as the guiding light for your entire productivity workflow.

As shown in Screen 1, the Obsibrain template uses a hierarchical structure to connect your goals, projects, and tasks. Each goal is associated with a set of relevant projects, and each project is further broken down into actionable tasks.

Goals and projects are associated with an active area of your life. More about Projects, Goals, and Resources in the P.A.R.A.'s feature section.

Linking Goals, Projects, and Tasks

The beauty of this action-oriented approach is that every element of your Obsibrain setup is designed to support the achievement of your goals. As you can see in Screen 2, the template provides a clear visual representation of how your goals, projects, and tasks are interlinked.

By associating your projects and tasks directly with your goals, you can maintain laser-sharp focus and ensure that your daily actions are always aligned with your long-term aspirations. This helps you avoid getting sidetracked by unimportant tasks and instead channels your energy towards what truly matters.

Setting Up Your Goals

Obsibrain makes it easy to define and set up your goals. As shown in Screen 3, you can access the "new goal" command in the command menu (Cmd + P), which allows you to quickly create a new goal by typing its name and pressing Enter.

Once the goal is created, you can further customize it by:

  • Associating it with a specific area or domain of your life (e.g., "Sports", "Career", "Personal", etc.)

  • Setting the status to "completed", "ongoing", "on hold" or "canceled" (case-sensitive)

  • Defining a target completion date

  • Defining an achieved date

The Goal Template

The goal template in Obsibrain is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview and management of your goals, as seen in Screen 4.

The first section of the template offers an "Overview of your goal," where you can add additional details, nortes, and track the overall progress. This progress is calculated based on the completion status of the projects linked to the goal.

The "Linked Projects" section displays all the projects that are associated with the goal. This allows you to quickly see which initiatives are contributing to the achievement of your objective.

Tracking Progress and Adjusting

Obsibrain also includes features to help you monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. The periodic review templates, for example, allow you to regularly reflect on your achievements, identify areas for improvement, and make any necessary changes to your goals, projects, or tasks.

This cyclical process of setting goals, taking action, and reviewing your progress is the foundation of the Obsibrain productivity system.

Remember, the key to success with Obsibrain is to embrace this action-oriented mindset and let your goals be the driving force behind your daily workflow.

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