Updated Notes Callout

The daily template now includes a callout that displays the notes that have been updated the same day, helping users stay on top of their changes.

Reload Command

A new command has been added to quickly reload the plugin, making it easier to apply changes or troubleshoot issues.

Repeating Tasks

Users can now set tasks to repeat on a regular schedule, making task management even easier to use.

Priority Column in Tasks Table

A new priority column has been added to the tasks table, giving users a clear overview of the relative importance of their tasks.

Priority-Based Task Sorting

The tasks table now sorts tasks first by priority and then by due date, providing a more intuitive and organized view of upcoming work.


Improved Update Workflow

The user experience for updating the plugin has been refined to make the update workflow more clear and intuitive for users.


Weekly Note Date Correction

An issue that caused incorrect dates to be generated for new weekly notes has been resolved, ensuring the dates are accurate.

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