Create Task from Project Note

Users can now create new tasks directly from within a project note, streamlining the process of breaking down project work.

Note: It will affect only new projects created from this release and onward.

Quick Creation Buttons in Templates

Templates now include buttons to quickly create new notes, tasks, and other content, making it easier to set up and maintain your workflow.

Note: It will affect only new pages created from templates from this release and onward.

Improved Tasks and List UI

The user interface for the tasks table and list views has been refined, providing a more intuitive and visually appealing experience. (click on task to go to the task location)


Removal of Note Descriptions

The note description field has been removed, as it was found to be unnecessary and could potentially lead to confusion.

Improved Health Check Integrity

The health check process has been enhanced to better verify the integrity of the plugin's core files, ensuring a more robust and reliable user experience.


Project Creation with Empty Fields

An issue that prevented projects from being created when certain fields were left empty has been resolved, making the project management functionality more robust.

UI Reload on Repeated Tasks

A bug that caused the user interface to not properly reload when working with repeated tasks has been addressed, improving the overall responsiveness of the task management system.

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