Task Management

Obsibrain provides a powerful and streamlined task management system to help you stay on top of your responsibilities and deliver on time, every time.

Quick Task Creation

To quickly add a new task, simply open the command palette (using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + P) and search for "Obsibrain: New Task" (pinned by default). This will bring up a modal where you can enter the task details, as shown in Screen 1.

This will bring up a modal where you will be prompted for:

  • Name: Name of the task

  • Attached: Where the task will be stored: either a project, area, or resource. (You must have at least one of those before creating a task, see the Folder Structure for more information about projects, areas and resources.)

  • Due (optional): when the task is due (Leave empty to skip)

  • Scheduled (optional): when the task is scheduled to start work on (Leave empty to skip)

Once you've filled out the details, the task will be added to the "All Tasks" view, as seen in Screen 2.

Understanding The Task Structure

As seen in Screen 3, each task is represented in a row format in a table. By order of appearance, from left to right, here are the elements that constitute the task row:

  • Checkbox: quickly mark the task as done.

  • Link: go to the page where the task has been added

  • Name: the name of the task.

  • Due date: the relative due date from now.

  • Page: the location where the task has been attached (either a Project, an Area or a Resource)

Using The Tasks Management System Effectively

In Obsibrain, task management has been designed to lead to actions. The Daily periodic reviews should be the only place where you manage and view them. (Screen 4)

You can always click on the "link" button to go where the task has been created to have a broader view and perspective on the other attached tasks. (Screen 5)

Tracking Tasks Across Your Workflow

Obsibrain's task management system is integrated throughout the entire P.A.R.A. folder structure. This means you can easily view and manage all your tasks, regardless of which project, area, or resource they are associated with.

A task is always attached to either a Project, an Area, or a Resource.

Editing and Updating Tasks

If you want to quickly edit a task, you can simply edit it inline (useful for the task name). If you prefer to have an interface (useful for dates), simply place your cursor on the task in the "All Tasks" view and open the command palette. Search for "Obsibrain: Edit Task" to access the task editing modal as seen in Screen 6.

Here, you can update the task's description, priority, due date, scheduling, and any other relevant details. Obsibrain leverages the powerful Tasks plugin to store all this metadata, ensuring your tasks are always up-to-date and easily manageable.

By combining quick task creation, centralized task tracking, and comprehensive task editing capabilities, Obsibrain empowers you to stay organized, focused, and on top of your responsibilities.

Daily Task Management

Obsibrain also integrates daily task management directly into the Daily Planning template, as shown in Screen 7. This ensures you can easily manage your tasks and stay on top of your responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

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