Those feedbacks are the first comments and improvements collected through the Obsibrain alpha program.


Obsibrain Settings

Obsibrain now has its own dedicated settings section in Obsidian. You can customize the folder structure of your Obsibrain template directly from the settings.


Improved Task Visibility

Tasks dates inside the all tasks table are now displayed with opacity, enhancing visibility and readability.

Expanded Periodic Notes Scheduling

You can now schedule monthly reviews for all months, quarters, and weeks in the current year. Previously, you were limited to the current month only.

Enhanced Task Creation

The task creation system has been revamped with improved naming, questions, and inputs. Creating tasks is now smoother, and the start date field has been removed, leaving only the due date and schedule fields.


Inline Scheduled Dates

A bug causing inline scheduled dates to be incorrectly interpreted has been fixed. Filters now work as expected.

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